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Alex Mbyalu from Tanzania message

Alex Mbyalu from Tanzania message
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I have seen a number of online car selling sites local and global but every time I tried to talk to people about Car From Japan I get different opinion from different people as most of the people they are not aware of Car from Japan since they exist popular site in country that are well known. Few of them who know the value that Car from Japan is having they confess that its the best from what they have seen and what they have experience. Knowing the local market will give the advantage of speaking good things that Car from Japan is having apart from other sellers.
Most of the people here in country likes to have a guarantee of what they paying to be delivered on time and secure. Reassuring people of this benefits and quality service and shipped in country
Another thing is introducing local agent that will be handling end point delivery and helping the customers calculating local taxes payable to the government and helping the customers avoid storage penalties that will help them save a lot and sometimes avoid public selling of their vehicles due to unpaid penalties to the government
Also most of the people in Tanzania can’t afford full payment at once but they like owning the cars of their own. By letting the people understand that Car from Japan can accommodate their budget constraints need they will be prompted to buy vehicles from Car from Japan with less convincing efforts

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