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Aida Philips from Netherlands Antilles message

Aida Philips from Netherlands Antilles message
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Dear Sirs,

I just want to thank you for take time to read every message carefully. That means that you guys really have attention for each one of us. I really appreciate that.
I just want to say something about the following and i hope that we all will enjoy life like our creator wants we to enjoy it.

Life is beautiful and we appreciate that very much. Is it realistic to forget our source of life?
Are we aware of the greatest Designer ever?

when we are stressed some of us take the time to enjoy the nature. But are we aware from where or from who we got all this goods?

It is logical that everything has a designer and that there is not a creator?.

Even this website has a designer/ creator.

I learn every day again new things i try to appreciate the small things of life. these give sense of life.

We have to count our blessings every single day again. And never forget our creator our greatest Designer ever.

Car from Japan keep the good work and never stop doing the good and thank you ones again.

Best regards,

Aida Philips

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