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Agness Edward Kagombe from Tanzania message

Agness Edward Kagombe from Tanzania message
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Dear Car From Japan
I’m very happy to join in this campaign and to be among the people who joined the competition in order to be a winner. I’m very happy also for your advertisement that you made in my contribution in this competition.
This is a great wonderful campaign and competition that I have not seen it before. It is a free competition means no money to pay also no fees to be payed, your required to have my in your mobile phone.
My advice to the Car From Japan is that try to use different ways of announcing the campaign and competition in order to get many people to join the competition. Different ways to use are like facebook,twitter,instagram,email,magazines, radios and television. This is due to the reason that most of the people especially in Tanzania they live in the remoteness area and they face the problem of networking for the use of the ways you want to be used. Also most of them they lack knowledge on how to use email address, facebook, twitter and instagram. They use his or her phone for making calls and texts their relatives and friends. Also the ways of getting information if someone is a winner should be added due to the reason I mentioned above. So Car From Japan Campaign should also add the ways of calling and texting a winner. No only the ways of getting information but also language used. Most of people living in the village in Tanzania the don’t know how to read or write English properly, so it will be better if they are aloud to use Swahili language. Also if someone wants to change a car that she or he win give more details for that process.
Also I advice other people to join in this competition because it is free and easy to join. Don’t worry about a competition due to be worldwise you can win even if you are at village like me. Also try to read many sources of information in order to get productive information like this.
Thanks alot. I wish you good journey of find winners of this competition of Car From Japan. If God wishes I think I will be among of them.
From Agness Edward Kagombe.

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