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Agaba Edson from Uganda message

Agaba Edson from Uganda message
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Reasons to pick me as a best winner for car from Japan.
In the first place i drive cars from japan only and I liked them long time ago.
Secondly the fact that I have a car already, shows it all that I have the capability and capacity to fuel, service and maintain a car not anew person who won’t even check the oil level.
Interestingly Japan has been a source of cars that consume less fuel and live long thus making them fit for poor countries like mine. (Uganda)…. With spread parts available all over the country one should bother seeking another source of acar other than Japanese. I take time to explain to my friends always how the Japanese made cars for everyone ranging poor to rich. The depth of ones pocket determines the price of the car to buy.
With all my considerations and requirements being met by Japanese cars I must live to buy and recommend them always.
Agaba Edson

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