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Adekunle Emmanuel from Nigeria message

Adekunle Emmanuel from Nigeria message
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Hi Lan,

You guys are doing a great job.

I’ve been with Car From Japan since 2011 or there about. But the re-branding I saw in your services within the past few months is remarkable. The introduction of some mouth watering offers, like $1 cars, cars below $1000 and the free shipping.

It has always been my dream to buy a car from Car From Japan, but Nigeria exchange rate has made matter worst for Nigerian. Also, most cars if not all on Car From Japan are right hand cars while we use left hand cars in Nigeria. So one has to consider the cost of changing the car from right to left hand. These are some of the challenges we Nigerians have.

Haven said these, winning a car on Car From Japan will help promote your brand in Nigeria. Am an internet marketer and can make a lot of noise on things like this. Also, being a winner will encourage others to buy car from Car From Japan because most Nigerian still believe it is not possible. But when people like me show them what I got, it goes a long way to promote your brand.

I hope and wish to be the winner of one of the cars at Car From Japan Grand Giveaway 2017.

Keep up the good work. Continue rolling out good offers.

Emmanuel Adekunle

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