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Adam P Awaparu from Papua New Guinea message

Adam P Awaparu from Papua New Guinea message
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There is already a lot of cars imported in my country.We could see them being driven. Most of these cars are near new cars. Some car deals make a great deal from these cars when they bring them in and put up their excessive mark up. Their profit is quite huge with the total cost double or three to four times much higher than the original price. But thanks to the internet technology which can deliver direct to us than the meddle man who is often expensive.

I have been a great follower of the online car sales from Japan. Some of which include the,,,, etc. I always wanted to be involved in buying and of course assisting my countrymen to own cars, the challenge we face is also at the wharf where most of these cars are been held.

Our customs charges are pretty much expensive than the cars themselves. In most cases, cars are taken by Customs. But a luck number of them can be able get it pass through the hurdle.

The vehicles brought through happen to be good looking cars on the roads. Should there be any chance in the future, I would like to have car for myself and my family, the extended family and refer my friends and others to also buy from the car lot from Japan.

Thank you very much!

Adam P Awaparu
Papua New Guinea

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