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Abdul Mohamed Lipunjaje from Tanzania message

Abdul Mohamed Lipunjaje from Tanzania message
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Winning a car from any competition is the great thing for any person in this life, this is because a car normally is of a high price compare to other commodities and also a car simplify our daily routine in works, traveling, entertainment and all other movement of a person in his or her life . thanks goes to JAPANESE USED CAR for this competition and i think that, i should be picked as the winner from this competition. this due to the following reason:-

The first is reason is the effort shown by me on this competition, though i late to get the competition information but i tried to rise to my competition percentage at a short period of time by various activity which raise such percentage. also within a short period of time i shared as many as i can the link concern to my various accounts and to my different friends on my facebook account.

The second reason is the Idea i have to advertisement JAPANESE USED CAR through the daily uses of the car i will win. i do not think if other contestant have such idea rather than to win the car and using just as a gift. on my side after winning and obtain a car i will advertise you through the car itself by painting your lebel so that other my read and start to know about you. also i will use some of the Tanzania media to announce my winning and explain the good of your company so as to advertise about you.

The third reason is to gain more customer from the people around me soon after being picked as the winner and gain the gift. i have many friends rather than those contestant of this competititon, i have the friend from america, north sudan when i served as peace keeper, friends from bangladesh, nepal, malaysia, kenya etc. all these friends will become your customer soon as you picked me up to be the winner by motivate them to buy the car from you and explain your qualities which has no doubt to the world of the cars.

i have many other reason like to motivate me keep on surveying your products etc. so pleas pick me as the winner to serve the above mentioned reason for the development of myself and the people surround me as well as for the contribution of the development of the your business to the people surround me.

apart from the reason on why should you pick me as the winner, i have something to say about the CAR FROM JAPAN.

the CAR FROM JAPAN are the most cars bought by we Tanzanian in large number than any other country in the world. this is something amazing and made me to think about CAR FROM JAPAN as follows:-

i think CAR FROM JAPAN are of good price affordable by the citizen of the developing countries. every person in this world need to buy a car, the car are of various prices but the citizen from the developing countries due to their economic status tend to find the price of the car affordable to them and the CAR FROM JAPAN serve this reason. for example with usd 10,000 many person from developing countries may be able to own a car from the japan to his country including various taxes.

i also think that the CAR FROM JAPAN are of best qualities and they are last longer than, my uncle bought a used car from japan ten years ago and until now the car is in order and he may resale if he wish due to the good condition of it. japan knows exactly the business of the car that they never sells cars of low standard, no one regret the decision of buying a car from japan.

the last thing is the best way of advertising, selling and delivered the car bought from japan to the buyer of such car.

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