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ABBAS KANANJE MOHAMED from Tanzania message

ABBAS KANANJE MOHAMED from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan Phan Chief Marketing Officer ,am very glad for being included in this competition. I wish , I will win this competition because I can and I have that capabilities, so you have to choose me as a winner of this competition because I have more convincing power to the people concerning the quality of CAR FROM JAPAN which it is quality such as it’s speed, quality of tyres , attractive colors you cannot compare with other cars from different parts of the world, not only that but also this company has many creative sponsors that is why they established this campaign so as to facilitate the customers to get a best car for cheapest price from japn.So when I will be a winner I will continue to encourage peolpe to buy car from Japan through Facebook, twiter whatsap, instagram, E-mail and other social networks . I wish, I will be chosen as a winner of this campaign and I promice you that if I win this competition I will be a suppoter of Car From Japan and it’s viceversa. All the bests and good luck, yours Abbas as an aplicant

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