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Abbas Daimon Sanga from Tanzania message

Abbas Daimon Sanga from Tanzania message
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This is Abbas Daimon Sanga, would like to tell you one thing that I entered on this prize not as just as to try but as to appreciate you guys for your work because my family members have telling me that they succeeded buying cars from your company, so this is as to honor them and to make a headline that you guys are the best. And I believe that you are the best among all companies. I think that is a reason why you should pick me as a winner for the prize.
Cars from Japan is the best company as I have stated above, people are talking many things for this company, what others doing you guys are not doing. As you know business, that is a very competitive spot, if you play out then you are out. The best is, you guys are playing in. We have many companies in my country but people are not happy with some of the companies because of being untrusted. YOU ARE THE BEST. I I win this prize I will be you ambassador in my region.

Abbas Daimon Sanga,

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