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محمد سليمان جمعة موسى from Egypt message

محمد سليمان جمعة موسى from Egypt message
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I want to be a winner because I’m a college student and when I go to College don’t find transportation comes too late I see some people who own cars, whether Japanese or Chinese or whatever kind you go in front of people and I’m with them and doesn’t stop us liked to buy a car but I have no money reward for buying a car and even a model is not a hadeeth wakhedt Pact with myself that if I bought a car anyone where big was not close to small nearby Sheriff, I will in the car. Not even late for work or college or whatever holds

Thinking that Japan is a country so long that the simplest example of veracity, studied at the College of engineering in material you studied sports with over there and China’s gap 1 mm or 0.1 mm either Japan’s cherished evidence of Japan’s strength in the industry and provide wonderful beautiful gap areas is 0.01 mm and this thing impressed me a lot and then worked the power and greatness of Japan and Japanese people

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